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Gemini and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

You have a good dose of both deep powerful emotions and swift intellect, both of which could be superior to most other peoples. The key to your successes in life will be to get these two differing attributes working in concert through-out life instead of at odds with each other.

It is easy for you to let those strong emotions lead you down a dramatic life path, which is really an unproductive avenue. Soap operas are for television not real life unless you really like being unproductive. The sensitivity that comes with these emotions allows you to read people very well, but in that process you could absorb some of their negative energies, many times to your detriment. Seek friends who are positive thinking and seek positive surroundings, both of those will benefit your life in the long run.

The intellectual mind power that comes with this horoscope combination is very curious and inquisitive making the native have almost an infinite number of interests. Above all you are interested in people and why the do what they do. Good question and Astrology will give you the answer if you wish to study it.

Business for you will be cold and intellectual; you can easily succeed in those areas if you follow that side of your nature. You naturally make a good manager, have a tactful way of giving orders and are popular with both superiors and subordinates.

Most natives of this combination have trouble with all their lovers and love itself, you are generally the playboy or playgirl. You also love sexuality and romance. One way out of this so called dilemma might be to train yourself in open or communal lifestyles where spousal ownership and fidelity are not mandatory.

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