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Gemini and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are intelligent, perceptive and very quick minded. You are also charismatic, clever, social and make friends easily. You keep friends for a long while because you are consistent, honest and straight-forward individual when it comes to people. You also speak very well.

Emotionally you could be all over the place early in life until you learn to handle the nervous energy this Astrological combination creates. Without considerable work in this area you probably won't be able to settle down the internal buzzing until your late 20's or early 30's. Teaching is always the best way to learn something thoroughly.

You make a very good business executive because you are aware, clever, determined and persistent. Competitors will mistake your charm with for lack of commitment an error. You have an uncanny knack of clearly reading people's motives, so you usually aren't fooled by the many phonies in the world.

Communications is a natural of business for these natives as is building or construction of some kind. The world will create a huge information superstructure over the next 10 years and somebody has to build it. You could make great progress in the international telecom business world.

In love and relationships your quite the sequential monogamous, finding a new love regularly after seeing the present one deficient in one of your overly idealistic standards. You are romantic, devotional and attentive when you are with someone but need to learn the art of relating and what responsibility means in context of a relationship.

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