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Gemini and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

You are quick minded, very intelligent and discriminating. You appear to be happy and gay but there could be sort of a nervous short circuit somewhere inside and you may actually be a moody, sometimes even a depressive individual when left to your own devices.

You have a real talent for creation and expressing ideas but need to learn a lot more about concentration and focus or that successful career you really desire in the arts or as a writer will never happen. You get bored too easily. If success in the artistic community doesn't come it will be because you lack originality in your efforts. Successful or not you will still hang out with artsy kind of people.

You are very social and may have a real reformative social side. Spending a lot of time in motion or perpetual motion is natural for you. You like taking short trips, being in the out-of-doors and may almost idealize the automobile, what an invention.

There is weakness to this position and that flaw is a tendency to feel superior to others because of your analytical powers. Although you can handle several projects at one time, less is better than more and only three might be ideal. Focus, focus, focus.

You are a romantic person in relationships but mentalize them instead of feel them. You tend to be fickle. One of the best things that can happen is to find a mate who actually intrigues you, so you stay put. Otherwise you will probably send your whole life bouncing around from person to person.

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