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Leo and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

You are broad-minded, creative, energetic, idealistic and independent, retaining these qualities through-out life. The Leo-Aquarius native can be a truly inspired individual with an extremely active imagination. Putting your wealth of ideas which range from the abstract to the mechanical into practice could bring great successes in life.

You are a natural social leader and organizer. You have a very charismatic personality with a considerable ego, like being center stage and like the adulation of others. You like helping other people, especially if they will know it was you who helped and are grateful that you did. You usually wield power fairly and would make a dynamic politician, just don't get greedy or pushy.

You are also a natural performer and may have acting or musical talent, the above being true again. You have a pretty good ability to read people but need to be careful of whom you trust with your money, if anybody.

Change is one thing that will always be present in your existence and change is usually stressful. Learning to correctly deal with your nervous energy and strong mostly hidden emotions determines who long your going to live on planet Earth. Regular exercise of a vigorous nature is highly suggested as well as relaxation techniques.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, loyal and passionate, probably going through many wild times or experiences as a youth. As a mature adult you will most likely settle down and into a more conventional lifestyle, maybe even a conventional family situation.

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