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Leo and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are intense both emotionally and physically plus have considerable courage and determination. Also there is a charm and an openness or friendliness to you that is very likable. A magnetic personality results from all these characteristics. Socially you usually turn heads when you enter the room and then attract a crowd.

You are adventurous, creative, expressive and passionate but need to learn detachment and objectivity. That will give you focus; and FOCUS needs to be the key word for your entire life. Learn the lessons of life from a benevolent ruler or enlightened mentor and your later success will be assured.

You are an instinctive, intelligent and empathetic manager but a stern disciplinarian and just executive. You are capable of becoming a very successful leader because people will follow you anywhere when you lead them by deed and example.

You see the whole world as a stage and "Life" as a drama on that massive stage. Acting or performing is another natural career for this native and you would definitely prefer performing to a live audience over doing film or TV. A rigorous outdoor exercise routine is recommended.

In love and relationships you are a devoted lover, loyal, passionate and generally a family person. You can dramatically disagree with the same person you love and do it frequently.Try not to rule the roost.

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