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Leo and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You know what you want early in life and won't let anyone or anything get in your way. This powerful Astrological combination has both tremendous ambition and energy that is generally focused on a specific purpose in life. You are proud and sure, the self-made person, male or female.

You may appear passionate and ardent in love but this is merely a manifestation of your overall intensity and desire to dominate, people places and things. There is a hidden inferiority complex somewhere deep within your nature. You are self-centered and may be the consummate "brat" but not because you were a spoiled child. You can be difficult at times. You pamper yourself most of all.

You will probably find your financial niche relatively early in life and it likely won't be with a major corporation. Your creative powers could be widely sot by others. You support and are interested in the establishment and in particular what it can do for you.

Your weaknesses are arrogance and over-confidence in your abilities. You also sometimes have the flaw of not respecting the rights of other people. This in particular could be your downfall; you're likely to step on some real big toes without realizing it.

In love you are energetic. But your relationship may be with the trophy type individual and not so much based on caring and intimacy. You are probably too selfish to have a good relationship without major retraining.

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