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Leo and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

You are adventurous, creative, dynamic, intelligent, quick minded and witty. You can be both emotional and rational at the same time. You have a way with words and a way of expressing ideas that make people including yourself want to take immediate action. Your creative talents usually have something to do sharing information.

As a youth, life can be rough because you want to leave home early and your parents will probably not want that to happen. You have to explore that great big, giant wonderful world you see out there and soon.

You have a charming personality and are a very social person who is able to put on a happy disposition even when not feeling well. An ability that you have to influence others is sometimes quite remarkable. All that you appear to be, happy-go-lucky and fleeting may not actually be the case most of the time. You are a fine and loyal person on the inside.

Communicating, writing, speaking are your fortes, maybe even editing. Careers in these areas are natural for you especially when you can do that work in public and are the focus of attention for doing so. Stand-up comedian is a good example that comes to mind, politician another. Listen to physically responsible friends who offer free reliable financial advice.

In love and intimate relationships you are loyal, believe in both harmony and fidelity. Your home life is extremely important to you because you really have gone through the gamut of people [some destructive] in your early years.

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