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Leo and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are very dynamic and have an incredible drive for personal success. An exceptional education is a must to achieve your monumental goals because you need to develop your intellect further. Hopefully your ambition is noticed at an early age by a wise mentor who understands your potential for greatness. You could also be the powerful gang leader if you were to choose that lifestyle.

The amount of energy you have is difficult for many people to understand; when it is really focused on a goal it will carry you to the top. There is also a real "tough-guy" hidden beneath your rather jovial and sunny disposition. You are or can be utterly ruthless at getting what you want when obstacles stand in your way.

You are a natural born group leader. You lead by example and don't expect others to do what you haven't done or already tried. With the proper education and training you could be the president. This combination is usually the standard role model for males in western society.

Socially you are charismatic and popular, usually also being noticed at an early age by the opposite sex. You appear to be very healthy and a vital person which could make you vain and even prideful to a fault. You have a very long memory and may keep a list of those who have wronged you.

In love and relationships you generally tend to be romantic, affectionate and passionate but could become cold, detached and jealous if your needs aren't satisfied. You are very loyal and would probably be broken hearted when your faith in someone is broken.

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