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Leo and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

You have a bubbling exterior, lots of energy and are quite proud. Taking action is your forte and taking the correct actions at the right time for the highest purpose is something you often instinctively know how to do. There is a deep emotional and spiritual side to you which is mostly hidden from others by the FIRE of your personality.

You may even like a good fight once in a while. Instinctively knowing when to attack and when to retreat. Your mostly "UP" personality type hides a darker side that knows from personal experience the real hardships of life. You are out to help humanity and you do it not for glory but because you truly know how close we all are to "being on the street". If you become real wealthy you will be very philanthropic.

You are social and like being the center of attention at a gathering. You lead some kinds of groups very well and have fair organizational abilities. You like being center stage and could be a strong performing artist or musician.With some good luck you could become wealthy. You will become successful without becoming hard-hearted.

You can do very well in business if you don't over-extend yourself. You are loyal to your people and will take care of them. Without spiritual guidance you could become very cynical.

In love and relationships you are passionate and serious about love but also probably have a deep need for more than one lover. You must express your needs. The openness of being able to express your personal needs makes most conventional people feel uncomfortable, them labeling you as fickle or as a philanderer.

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