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Leo and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

You are adventurous, courageous, passionate and proud. You have tremendous energies and a magnetic personality which insights considerable loyalty from your friends and cohorts. Many people say you seem wise beyond your years, and you are. You could be a natural leader if you wish to be but you are more likely to preach your own spiritual philosophy around a coffee table. You probably need some kind of pulpit for your views.

Long distance travel and variety are all essential to your life. Seeking variety creates much of the excitement in your life because there is always a change on the horizon with all the new people, places and things to inspect. Asia and India may especially appeal to you. Also. Worldly voyages will increase your philosophical understanding of Life.

You have enough energy and creativeness to make almost anything happen in Life that you set your mind to. You are most likely able to get what you want out of Life rather easily and could be quite lucky at times. Not having to many challenges in existence you may also be sort of lazy and not be that materially orientated.

The Fire [extremely intense] of your energy, needs focus and your enthusiasm needs to be harnessed. A quality education at an institution of higher learning is recommended. Learning relaxation or meditation techniques will help with both.

In love and personal relationships you are affectionate, intense, passionate but also could be jealous and possessive. You could demand you rule the roost and might also go for an unconventional lifestyle.

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