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Leo and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

You can be quite an animal, literally. Most likely your body is powerfully built and full of vitality. You have strong emotions; anger, hate, passion and sometimes temper fits. You have a genuine dramatic bent whether loosing your temper "on purpose-for effect" or because you feel strongly about something and just get out of control. The world is truly your stage.

You are mostly self-centered and have little capacity for being objective in thoughts or in actions; the world is colored by your views, right or wrong. Hopefully you learn early in Life how to manage these more "outrageous" of your personal characteristics or you could be a "persona non grata" in lot of places. Nobody likes a jerk.

You have a dynamic social appeal as well as being charismatic, proud and shrewd. Should you learn real compassion, focus, intuition and TACT, you will go very far in this Life. This horoscope combination is extremely high strung with considerable nervous tension and the person needs to learn relaxation and have 2-3 hours of daily exercise. Always a highly sexed individual.

Acting and politics are the two most likely and rewarding careers for this native but you can do well in anything you put your mind to. Being on stage, acting, is probably the best avenue for you to work out some of your personal frustrations as well as receive financial rewards.

You are an affectionate and passionate lover but sometimes are physically too rough on your partners. You are also commonly possessive and jealous of your mate, yet might reserve total independence for yourself.

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