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Leo and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

You are a strong and forward-looking person who sees the whole picture. But some of your views are very conservative, sometimes bordering on the just plain stubborn. Learn to sacrifice your point of view for the needed or wanted results. Compromise your inflexibility and you will enjoy Life a lot more.

You are energetic, expansive and extremely strong minded. Using those qualifications accurately when it comes to business will no doubt make you a success. Being as honest as the day is long is your credo but you are also pragmatic when it comes to personal wealth. You like comfortable surroundings and will generally build them.

Being the proverbial "Bull in a China Shop" who is also lacking in tact, you will with great difficulty finally learn to hold your rather forked tongue. You may lack accuracy, good sense and judgment but no one ever questions your integrity or ability to have influence over others.

You are very social and like being the center of attention in a crowd; only you have to learn how to be gracious, kind and sympathetic. And to tone down the ego. People don't like a smart-ass know-it-all. Also. Try not to be so much of a bully.

Your pride is probably your worst enemy, especially in your personal and intimate relationships. You may way to frequently act like a hurt child, one whose feelings are obviously being overly dramatized. Considerable work on your emotions and finesse is indicated if your are to have a successful relationship.

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