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Leo and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

You are accurate and critical in your thinking but a little too outspoken for a lot of people. Learning tack and your own limitations will take you much farther in Life because you really don't have the guts for all the toughest realities that exist in the cut-throat competitive world of business.

Communicating by voice or written word will probably bring you the greatest worldly success, personally. Being a media critic in the creative arts would fit your talents well plus it will probably give you some of the attention you think you deserve. You have considerable creative energy and will be happiest when a rewarding career fits your capabilities.

You have a lot of self-esteem and pride yourself on a strong character and a devotion to duty. You always try to do the most honorable thing hoping that will bring adulation but only from time to time does that happen. You like being the center of attention but don't seem to have any special love for the public. Deep down you probably don't trust your own abilities and subconsciously project that. Better not try to be a stage performer who needs the applause to be ok.

You are a social person but tend to prefer a smaller group, like the old fashion cocktail parties. This native could be very nervous without a lot of intimate activity, some of it sexual. Also exercise and a healthy diet!

In love and relationships you like affection and romance but tend to be critical and suspicious of a mate. Your relationships might not last to long without some serious attitude adjustments. You can't own another person.

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