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Libra and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato


You are very intelligent as well as being a really idealistic. You are fairly popular with the masses and have a great way with words. You also have an innate refinement and style that usually comes with being born into a higher station in life, literally or figuratively. You naturally have class. You like to mix socially and could use that characteristic as the basis for financial success.

There is seriousness and an adventurous spirit deep inside your nature even through you tend to have a happy-go-lucky personality and may even be flippant at times. There may also be a sadistic or darker side to your personality that actually lives on an over active imagination and the bad fortune of others.

In the business world it would be best if you found a good way to exploit your intelligence and curiosity without having to involve yourself in the nuts and bolts of the day to day operations. You are kinda lazy by nature. Design and planning are your forte not keeping your nose to the grindstone. You have good communication skills too.

You might be fairly lucky through-out life but don't have a huge amount of real ambition because of this horoscope placement and your smarts. That usually makes this specific Astrological combination better for the female because she will be able to benefit more from the inborn popularity and is more naturally less competitive.

Your whole philosophy of Life is based upon affection, love and romance. You have an emotional need, a physical need and a spiritual need for Love and co-habitation; and innately know it. You are never at a loss for companionship if you want it.

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