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Libra and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

You are not as aggressive, daring and flamboyant as you appear to the world, which is fairly so; and you are also much more sensitive than you seem on the outside. You are actually a very gentle soul inside who is highly motivated by beauty, harmony and comfortable surroundings. Your own family is also quite important to you.

You contain a good mixture of intellect, idealism and energy but may not care for this society's "conventional materialism", believing your time is better spent with the arts or personal projects. You are right and these creative endeavors will bring abundant good feeling to your soul and maybe considerable money.

You have many idealistic visions that should be pursued. It's probably best for you to listen to your inner guidance instead of those on the outside who try to persuade you. There is so much of the future of civilization going on inside you, and most others can not even conceive of that. Be very, very discriminate with who and when you share your most idealistic thoughts.

You may be what is called a New Age type person, one who is interested in the occult, i.e., Astrology, acupuncture, healing, the I Ching, Numerology and the Tarot. You could become a New Age community leader or teacher because of your mathematical abilities which naturally understand these ethereal "Frames of Reference".

In love and relationships you are passionate and a real romantic but also a bit of a dramatist. You may not give the impression of needing a mate but that is exactly the case. This is a highly sexed combination which will do better in life once a suitable partner is acquired. Children are indicated.

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