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Libra and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

Your emotional sensitivity carries over into your strong intellect so you sort of feel your way through the world pretty much at ease. You are extremely adaptable and able to be a chameleon in many business or social situations looking like you fit in even with the most diverse of groups. You are very sociable and have the ability to quickly scout situations, turning them to your advantage. You know whom to speak to, whom to flatter and whom to stay clear of without seeming to be avoiding anybody or being subservient to anyone in the group.

Business, any business that involves buying and selling, should be easy for you and could be quite successful when you are the owner and apply yourself. You have the ability to sell ice boxes to Eskimos.

You customarily tend to mind your own affairs and by doing so, are inclined stay away from the troubles most other people experience in Life. You are generally self-centered or family centered in your business and personal goals and views of life.

You don't like supporting other people in their personal quarrels. Innately you are a peace loving person and will rarely fight but if really pushed to the limit you are capable of considerable anger and even substantial violence.

You are a real romantic, love being in love and are much more sexual that most people would suspect. Your adaptability could become a weakness in your romantic life because although you're always kind, you may appear flaky to others.

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