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Libra and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

You are idealistic, intelligent and have great faith in your abilities but must cultivate a focus for your energy. Graduation from an accomplished institution of higher learning will prove most beneficial to these natives. You have a gift for talking and would do well in sales and marketing. There is also considerable artistic talent attached to this position which definitely needs some positive expression. Libra is balance.

You are shrewd, tactful and have a gift for management of people and purposes. You make good "plans". That usually puts you out in front in the business world which you want to succeed in. This particular combination will probably also do well in the military if it so chooses. War always comes down to planning and tactics.

You realize the establishment has to exist, so you might as well support it and take advantage of that fact, which you can do. [Someone or Something has to manage all these people.] You measure your success more in terms of their material accomplishments than achievements. You could be a patron of the arts as well as have a large comfortable and luxurious home.

You have a strong sex drive but that is very personal. You are the most passionate when in a luxurious, warm and fuzzy place. You can be sensitive to others needs but this is not your primary focus, that's your children, family and home.

In love and relationships you tend to be romantic, sensuous, sweet and gracious but sometimes totally different. [If you know a little bit about Astrology, track the moon's daily position to see if there's a behavior pattern there.] Sometimes you could be very selfish.

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