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Libra and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

You have charisma and confidence therefore most of the time make a natural leader. Plus you are very intelligent, communicative, expressive and idealistic. The eloquent way you associate your ideals to others makes people believe they are important, even if they are not. You know what people want to here and most of the time give them the reasonably dramatic rendition of the facts. You could be the type that rally's a consensus of opinion in the reform groups which you're involved with.

Your really quick intellect is the kind that can get bored very easily. Sometimes you are the best of students but basically you are lazy and regularly get by without exerting much effort. You speak well and are a natural debater.

Without a tremendous drive for success created by a strong additional aspect in your horoscope, you are probably a person who doesn't have an all powerful desire for the riches of the material world. You do however enjoy luxury in your surroundings. You do have tremendous potential and are liable to hear that statement several times in your life.

In your career life it is probably better if you stick to communications or artistic ventures instead of fighting the regular business or corporate environment which seems boring to you as well as hollow. It would be a good idea to listen to a trusted friend on long term financial matters.

You are the romantic type who loves being in love and relating to various partners. You are considerate and thoughtful to lovers but most of the time get easily bored with mates. You will have many relationships and probably have several marriages.

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