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Libra and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

You are energetic, inventive, idealistic and intelligent also warm, social, charming and popular. This is another very romantic position for the horoscope and generally allows the native to be creative and expressive with both words or substances. You like being on stage or the center of attention making either being an artist or a musician, excellent career possibilities.

You are largely independent, a little vain, have a great deal of pride and are guided by some extremely high ideals. You are the eternal optimist who has many positive visions of the future. Your honor and integrity are extremely important to you and you usually don't say anything unless you intend to go through with it.

Communicating is one of your strong points and a career in that area might be likely, too. You have the gift of gab and could probably sell "ice boxes to Eskimos" as the old saying goes, convincing people they really need something when they don't but they will buy it anyway because they like you.

Your personal philosophy is "live and let live" but need to learn about relationships and people in your youth. Living through the harsh realities of Life and Love are necessary learning experiences for you, so you should not become jaded by them. A close friend's advice could help your creativity bring great financial rewards.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, communicative, loyal and passionate. Your independence carries over to your love-life when young. Once you do settle down you are extremely loyal toward that mate.

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