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Libra and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

The Ultimate Romantic, your soul is probably not ready for the harsh realities of Life on planet Earth today. You appreciate beauty, design and Nature. Most people's worldliness seems crass and un-idealistic to you. You are probably very attractive and quite social.

You are extremely idealistic, sensitive and the consummate daydreamer. Enlightened parents are really important for a positive outcome to your life. If parents are supportive of your sensitive emotional nature you will be OK but if your parents are cold-hearted and unfeeling then you will probably have a very difficult time through-out life.

You have a brilliant mind plus a curious and precocious spirit. Your have a very strong mathematical ability and your best career maybe as a research scientist or university professor. It would probably be best for you to follow an academic lifestyle where people live more on an "island of tranquillity", instead of being involved in normal business pursuits which tend to be rather brutal in nature. You could also easily be the "riverboat gambler" type, because you are so smart, like the action, could be lucky, and have a certain gift of the gab.

There is a very good chance you'll be seriously hurt by the numerous unpleasantries of love and romance while your still a young person. A lot of practical guidance in romantic endeavors is essential for you to not become jaded by love. It's extremely important for you to pursue education and training in intimate personal relationships.

You will make a really good mate. But, first must find a partner who shares your idealistic views and sensitivities, otherwise you'll be very disappointed in the relationships you experience.

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