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Libra and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

You are very smart and very sensitive. You tend to be reserved and a little shy, well maybe not so little. You are attractive, charming and gracious and there is an air of mystery which surrounds you; other people are keenly aware of this. This trait may make you very popular because people are generally intrigued by the deepness that they feel within you.

You would make a good spy or detective. But you best career will probably be in music. Talents in other of the creative arts are also indicated. Music is most likely best because you will be able to express those deep inner feelings in a way most others can relate to, understand and empathize with. You are a dramatists at heart and are good at telling stories.

You are curious, intelligent and capable of grasping large abstractions and complex ideas most other people are never able to even see. You also may have a strong interest in Astrology or Numerology and should pursue the pure forms of those sciences but need to keep grounded in reality.

You are intuitive, perceptive plus generally a good judge of human nature and can usually smell a ruse a long way away. Assertiveness training, a formal education and classes in social interaction will build your confidence and success in Life; just do it.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, very romantic and sincere but also capable of being fooled by an unethical lover. Learn to use your intuition on possible intimates, that's fair.

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