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Libra and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are fairly adventurous, very curious, idealistic, intelligent and a spiritual seeker but also may be nervous and high strung. Your diverse abilities will take you far up the latter of success as long as you don't let the romantic side to your nature sensationalize, Life. You generally know how to get your point across to people and get what you want from them without pissing most folks off. A good trait, develop it and you could lead nations.

You have a realistic view of the larger whole and generally make enlightened judgments about the future. You have an ability for both abstract and esoteric thoughts whether discussing the cosmos, philosophy, religion, sex or archeology. It is most necessary for you to stay fixed here on planet Earth so your visions continue to have a good basis in reality. You have a lot of energy which is best balanced by world traveling. Travel will make you realize how good you actually have it in Western Civilization as compared to Third World Countries.

Careers that might be of interest to you and you would be successful at; run the entire spectrum from rock musician to spiritual guru. I guess they aren't that different are they?

You are the consummate romantic and social butterfly and stake a high value on social gatherings. Attending functions and giving exceptional party's is one of the resources that helps your success in the business world. You are frequently generous financially with the people you become emotionally attached to.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, passionate and romantic. You will have numerous emotional up and downs as a young person but will learn the necessary lessons of intimacy through your ample trials and tribulations.

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