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Libra and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are idealistic, intelligent and quick minded also with an absorbing and insightful curiosity about life. You are passionate and sensitive but also pretty independent in thoughts and actions. Interested in all the mysteries of life, you like debating others with different philosophy's and backgrounds. You have abundant charm and delight in social activities.

You are probably quite attractive and have a real strong appeal to the opposite sex. Many people will comment on your sensuousness from a young age and to virtually no ones surprise you have an active sex life from early on.

You could be the consummate radical who lives by their wits. Ideas and ideals are what's really important to you. You will most likely be a facilitator of positive change for some of the weaker souls of the planet. A seeker of truth, you will follow your investigations into "whatever it takes", even if you have to walk on some of your acquaintances toes. You don't like to hurt other people but will do that for an ideal.

Ambition an important drive from early in life, will direct your long term courses in Life. You are excellent at communications and information sharing, also good at managing people and equipment. Careers could be found in the arts, business and management, public administration, the military or politics. This horoscope combination is prone to constant nervous tension and maybe overstimulation. A relaxation technique and/or meditation is a requirement for longevity, as is regular exercise.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, emotionally intense, and passionate. You need an worthy partner and reliable lover to bring balance to your existence and do well in the material world. You will hotly deny that you have this partnership need but will always have a relationship.

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