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Libra and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

A dynamic personality is your greatest asset. You are charming, outgoing, witty and really appealing to the opposite sex from an early age. Be careful not to abuse that sex appeal and leave a trail of broken hearts behind or this will come back to haunt you in the future.

You are idealistic, intelligent and of a high moral stature. A position of considerable public prominence may come your way. You have excellent communication skills, are a good talker and capable of being an excellent salesperson if you believe in what you're selling. You have leadership skill but most likely would rather spend time with friends and family than administer some extra project.

You enjoy the arts and the creative side of life and will probably find a career in these endeavors the most rewarding to you personally. If you are able to become a well known you will be able to tell all those interesting, sentimental and romantic stories you have in your head and make money at it too.

You can be fairly conservative and reserved but are elegant and have some grand ideas. You like the finer things of life, in particular a large and luxurious home where you can spend the bulk of your time. You are an ideal person for the virtual office concept. Some may think you lazy but you actually might relish that label. You are naturally sensuous.

In love and relationships your sentimental and romantic nature craves affection, passion and understanding. You are very willing to reciprocate those attributes to people who give them to you unconditionally. You are stable in love, really enjoy your sexuality, usually making a good parent and family person.

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