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Libra and Virgo
by Jim D'Amato

You are intellectual, extremely observant and have considerable problem solving and/or reasoning ability. These attributes bring early stability in your life because you see things as they really are, and aren't fool by many situations or circumstances through-out Life. This horoscope combination is innately nervous and needs to relax. A healthy diet is also highly recommended as is exercise.

You are quite social as well as popular socially. You enjoy the art of good conversation and can do so for hours on end. Reasoning is your essence and you use that ability to get most interpersonal relationships to work to your advantage. You can usually do or get what you want by talking with and to others.

You make an impressive debater, speak well but sometimes use your analytical or critical abilities in a so-so tactful way. You can develop tact to an art once you get off your high horse and see the other persons point-of-view. You really need a much less black and white view of the world. Before learning that, you speak your mind much too often and hurt quite a few people by doing so.

Probably the best career for you is, as an artistic critic. Other careers might be in the communication industry where your creative and mental abilities can be utilized plus they will probably be aptly rewarded in that field. Conventional business is not particularly your forte and will seem cold and heartless; you're right it is. Just like the Mafia, only more subtle.

In love and relationships you are affectionate and love attention in the romantic vain. You learn early in life that you can't get the attention you crave without giving something in return. You make a good mate.

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