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Pisces and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

Your spirit is that of the crusader or missionary, helping those who are in need of your help and converting those souls to your beliefs who don't, sometimes by force. Religion of the fundamentalists nature seem to be very important to you, so much so that you may pursue a career in the field.

You have an incredible mind and are at the same time both a humanitarian and very cynical. Judging those that need your assistance as being of a weaker ilk than yourself. An attitude of superiority does not serve you well. Learn not to be so condescending to people and you will achieve much greater successes in life. Otherwise you may have very few friends.

You believe in the Establishment but take it to course on many issues, especially the changes that you see are needed for it's future preservation. You like being the pillar of the community, have many very conventional values and may try convincing others of the correctness of your path in life.

You should beware the dark side of life because you may find it very interesting. Ghosts and goblins that illusionary side of life are things you could become totally fascinated with. You may also live in your own little world and may have a very private social life bordering on the strange.

In love and relationships, you are caring, loyal, passionate and romantic. You enjoy companionship and family's. You will probably select a mate based primarily on their adherence to your humanitarian values.

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