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Pisces and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

Unfortunately your substantial energy is mostly scattered and unfocused. This is one of those horoscope positions of the possible hypochondriac, who's incessant worrying and constant consternation's actually causes them to have diseases and personal disasters to happen in their life. And of course they predicted it would happen. They were just self-fulfilling prophecies.

Your substantial emotional nature makes a career in the creative arts a must. Music, painting or poetry would most likely be your forte. You are probably a beatnik instead of a rocker, but definitely someone that needs to find a medium for their message. You're attracted to the offbeat and wounded souls in the universe.

You could be moody and temperamental [you can really brood]. You give the impression of being a powerful Ram but are really more like a lamb inside. You have considerable intuition [IT'S REALLY really parapsychic] and should substantially refine or train it for the betterment of mankind. That will also make you a very productive person. You need to stay grounded.

Because you feel the total awesomeness of the Universe you lack an inner strength and almost feel totally intimidated by it all. Lots of both peace and serenity are necessary to your long term survival. Otherwise you will probably be known as an offbeat psychic that nobody believes but who is right-on with their visions.

Your likely to be addicted to the puppy dog syndrome in the opposite sex when it comes to relationships. You are affectionate, caring and passionate but need to find someone who can reciprocate those emotions not drain yours.

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