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Pisces and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are intuitive and sensitive as well as keenly aware of the feelings and beliefs of others. You will go far in life if you learn to use these precious gifts correctly. You like people and are usually courteous and kind to all of them as well as the animals, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged of the world. You will probably do better in a business environment where the personal touch is important. You keenly understand the correlation between money and WATER. It Flows.

You have the proverbial sixth sense when it comes to business dealings, instinctually knowing the right time to act and when to not act. You tend to be secretive about your dealings. Your intuition and knowledge have a propensity to create legends about your business accomplishments. You also may have a real knack for artistic creativity and financially should become very comfortable no matter which path you take. You believe in charity and will use much of the money you make helping others.

Although you appear outwardly dynamic and strong that was not always the case. It has taken considerable inner work to take that once shy introverted child and turn them into a confidant fully functioning adult. You have conquered your worst fears and now you can do practically anything. You know how to be a leader from this process.

Emotionally you are very sensitive and sometimes may be moody or temperamental. You could take offense quite easily and drive those around you crazy with your constant complaining. Sometimes these natives develops a secret alter ego personality, maybe even a Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde complex.

Romantically you are a warm, cuddly, kind and generous with your sweethearts and mates, usually weathering the ups and downs every relationship has without falling apart. This position has a large sexual desire, it needs a highly sexed person as a mate or it will look elsewhere for that coitus.

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