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Pisces and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You have an ageless wisdom and are keenly aware of the "greater whole" we are all part of. These and other philosophic topics are easily discussed concepts for your intellect. But interest in these is primarily because of the practical advantage that knowledge will give you in achieving your goals. Which is not necessarily saving the world. That however could be a side effect of your Life if you do attain greatness.

You are intuitive, perceptive, share ideas well and are a good manager. The insights you have about people are correct, you can usually read them like a book. This ability helps you achieve a rather lofty position in society.Your ambition will take you far in business or politics which you believe you deserve.

Personally you always project a very strong image, even though sometimes you may have reservations about that daring idea or project you've thought-up, sponsored and undertaken. Mostly you're reserved and secretive until you are sure things will work out as planned but you are a definitely a doer.

You are not so interested in becoming just powerful in society but usually want to use your influence to help others, for there is a bit of the missionary in you. Some of you may be more secretive about helping humanity wishing to remain totally anonymous.

In love and romance you are affectionate, caring and sensitive but are also fairly conservative. You are quite amorous, want the same in return, and are not overbearing and not too jealous either. Although that jealousy aspect can be played up for effect, if necessary.

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