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Pisces and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

This native has one of the tougher times in life. You always seem to be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. That's not for a lack of trying to do the right thing, however. The problem is caused by over stimulation of mind and body which comes from two distinct sources, one intellectual and one emotional plus the lack of internal balance.

You are very smart and a good talker but much of what comes out of your mouth seems to be just hype. Unfortunately when most people get to know you they see this is a fact. This native is also probably weak in self-confidence and may not find great success in this world.

One sure way for this Astrology combination to become a success is to master the process of investigation and judgment in your own personal thoughts. You must learn to make up your mind correctly and this will take a lot of training. Also learning to handle opposition to your ideas in a legitimate manner should be of great concern to you.

Probably the best career for you will be in the arts either communicating or performing. Now that the world wide web, http://www.com, is here you will finally be able to, if you so choose, anonymously find similar fellow travelers around the planet. It is a good thing if you get into a support group that agrees with your rather different lifestyle.

This is a romantic position but there is always that battle inside between wanting a caring and sensitive lover or wanting an intellectual lover. This inspires the native to have more than one marriage and many up's and down's emotionally. Try opening up and getting both.

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