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Pisces and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

You are a really study in opposing Astrology forces, WATER and FIRE, i.e. forces of Nature. You are fundamentally a quite reserved person but the Leo part of you is always roaring in public. In many cases, you actually think you want to be alone but instead end up at some social or political gathering. You must be there because you are seeking someone to relate with. When in a good mood you love being social and usually are the proverbial "life of the party".

You have considerable creative abilities and need to find a valid outlet for them Artistic ability is probably you best bet for a career and you may like performing, too. Focus both mentally and emotionally is a necessity to your successes or you will always be searching for the "gold" at the end of the rainbow.

Despite substantial outward flair there are innate weaknesses. You have almost too many emotions which sometimes causes imbalances in your personality. Your soul has so much depth that it needs a strong balance in Earth for stability or you get lost in the darkness. This means looking inside for a long time and creating that strength internally if necessary. Being grounded in reality is a difficult task but it is absolutely necessary to your long term stability.

Meditation and positive visualization are important techniques for you to learn. A healthy diet, a established routine and lots of exercise are helpful if done continually.

In love you are intense, romantic, sensitive and very loyal; in fact loyalty is something you are almost neurotic about. When you give love to someone they will have it forever. Affection is something you need a lot of and someone who really gives it back to you will become your hero in life.

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