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Pisces and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

The Sound of Music is in your heart and soul. This Astrology combination has a strong creative nature as well as being very sensitive. It need's to find a gifted outlet for it's numerous emotions and subconscious feelings. Being an actor or musician is a natural career but music is probably the best outlet for you and producing various kinds of music will help balance your life.

You are a very sensuous, warm person and whatever your involved in has an idealism and/or a romantic nature attached to it. There is a good chance you're quite attractive physically, also very alluring and charismatic to the opposite sex. People will gladly follow your lead in matters, all you need to do is give them a just cause and the necessary encouragement.

You have a very bright intellect which actually borders on the parapsychic. Do not try to analyze everything and everybody; you will get confused. A formal education is a good idea, that way you can learn to express those feelings and thoughts that are deep inside you. Expressing your emotions in some constructive way will stop them from overtaking you. If not they will probably cause severe depression or frustration later in Life.

You have a deep interest in spiritualism and the occult. It is inadvisable to follow these pursuits unless you are totally, and I mean totally, grounded in reality. There is a strong tendency to follow the unreal, watch out.

In love and relationships you are idealistic and romantic. You need and want affection and are very willing to reciprocate. You are even more sexual than you appear on the surface and a good healthy relationship will bring great solace to your Life.

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