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Pisces and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

This is one of the most interesting Astrology combinations in the Zodiac and you are a different sort of a person. You could be an extremely creative artist or some whacked out soapbox philosopher. It all depends on the environment you grow up in and the one you create for yourself as an adult. The luck of the draw plays an important part in your Life.

Being extremely insightful and sensitive you need to develop techniques that allow you to function in the hard, real world. Your intellect and mental focus is on the internal world and the depth of the human psyche. A formal education as well as an education in being assertive is highly recommended.

You could easily mostly withdraw to the inside of yourself which would have many non-productive effects on your Life. Unless you become a Buddhist monk. Even though many times it is difficult to accurately communicate with other people you must keep trying or you will end up totally isolated and hurting, off someplace all alone.

The arts is where you have the greatest potential for worldly success; probably as a musician, painter or poet. You can probably better express what's going on inside your head and heart non-verbally than verbally. You could also do well in metaphysics or the occult, if you stay well grounded in the material world. Each new cult need it's guru.

In relationships you are caring and sensitive if you become an "evolved" person but are jealous, moody and boring if not same. Wisely pick a partner who cares about you, one that can give you a boost in life instead of a kick in the head.

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