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Pisces and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

Fundamentally you are a relatively serious person but you do see the "big joke" of life. Which is of course is death. In fact you might be somewhat obsessed with that whole issue and your own death. Don't let the dark side run away with you. Let the force be with you not against you.

The substantial sense of humor that you exhibit has a real judgmental voice to it and you may actually use "it" to that end i.e., for social or political change. Your extremely keen perceptions are reinforced with an almost mystic knowing about people. You have quick mental processes and a unique view of the whole and it part's, which is completely valid.

You have a very creative imagination and thought processes which should probably be used in the creative arts rather that regular business pursuits. That doesn't mean you wouldn't be successful in business but conventional business might actually bore you silly.

You could be a moody and an always brooding type personality who becomes a victim of psychological depression; because you love the dramas of Life. Train yourself to not let all those personal and worldly worries bother you so much, remember you really can't do much about them except, worry. You also tend to want to lead a more secret life of your own away from mainstream society.

You are charismatic to the opposite sex and never void of partners. You are passionate, romantic, giving and very popular with your loves. This is a highly sexed position that definitely needs multiple outlets for it's substantial sexual energy. You would like to raise a family but need to find a partner who shares your un-monogamous needs. You must practice honest and openness in relationships.

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