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Pisces and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

This is one of the better combinations in Astrology and should breed considerable success for the native. You tend to be lucky but should never count on that as an asset. Your bests characteristics are your social graces, ability to understand people and a distinctive voice. You are an innately kind person, so act that way.

You are much stronger on the inside than you appear. Your extremely keen senses are very accurate if not blocked by some dis-ease. The awareness of other peoples feelings and thoughts will lead many folks to ask if you are psychic. You are, but it comes from what you see and hear, in and from people. A weakness may be that you do need to be flattered and some very clever ones might use that to their advantage.

Money should never be a problem because of the aforementioned luck; Never take it for granted though. Business is not particularly your forte, the arts would be a more likely career. You have that "Voice" and should thoughtfully train it so you can become a good singer; Cartoon Voice or announcer. If you do; you just might get lucky and become rich and famous and rich! There is a real humanitarian side to this position who would be comfortable sitting around a campfire singing songs at a "save the "animal" or refuge camp in Africa someplace.

You don't like to appear ostentatious but you do like luxury especially in the home. Your home will be a great sense of solace to you and ranch style life may suite you best. You enjoy the Family life and sincerely like being around children.

You are passionate, highly sexed and probably like the exotic. You are also caring, sensitive and erotic. You are good to those people you care about and the number of them can be substantial. This native will tend to have a secret love someplace, maybe even more than one.

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