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Sagittarius and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are curious, energetic, expressive, independent and of high moral conviction, tending to shout your rather idealistic views from the rooftops instead of some lesser forum. Being such a strong crusader for you ideals and views, even your harshest critics and the opposition have to acknowledge your genuine sincerity.

You are very intelligent and if you choose to belong to the formal business establishment, will probably be a leader in the hi-technology or telecommunications industry. You have a considerable vision for the international uses of technology and in the future could, if you choose become one of the captains of industry in that rapidly growing area.

Your adventurous nature will take you over a good portion of planet Earth and you may want to travel into outer space. You have considerable insight but always seem take up an unorthodox religion or cause which usually cast you in the role of social reformer instead of leader. Be careful not to say too much against the establishment until you have achieved a strong power base in that institution or you could get eliminated by them.

In the large scheme of things you can accomplish much, to better and reform society but you must stay grounded in reality not off in the stars. Learn to keep some secrets, too. A lot of physical exercise is recommended because it uses up your over abundant nervous energies.

In love and relationships you are caring, playful, romantic and also very idealistic. You like companionship and a mate who shares your intuitive and philosophical beliefs or standards is suggested. Communal living might be interesting to you.

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