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Sagittarius and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

Your are the classic sensitive, intuitive person. You normally have a good balance of both emotional understanding and insight into peoples lives, places and events as well as a meaningful knowledge of the greater whole. You can see to the roots of an issue, clear through everything when you're thinking clearly. But can have considerable difficulties when that insight is off base.

You are energetic, optimistic and very broadminded, being interested in the whole of the Universe and all it's pieces. Traveling is highly recommended to give you the hands-on, been-there, done-that approach to your philosophy and ideas; that will make you really believable to the masses.

Seek grounding and soundness in your life plus mental discipline otherwise you will probably go off half-cocked, lacking the correct information to succeed. If you spend the time you can master anything and everything. You can become successful in any enterprise whether it be the art's or a profession because you naturally have a good business sense.

You have real links to the metaphysical and spiritualism which seem to be based on your philosophy or visa-verse. Many people will think your ideas, crazy, impossible or weird. Those critics could be wrong and that doesn't mean you can't succeed at your goals if you stick to your guns.

In love and relationships you are caring, idealistic, romantic, sensitive and loving. You make a good partner but sometimes are a little fickle. You seek spiritual love as well as physical love.

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