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Sagittarius and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Your best traits are, originality of thought, a good communicative ability and your physical body or strength. You could be a quite imposing sight. You very easily could be the "Executive Type" that is associated with other combinations in these pages. It all depends on an ability to learn control and to focus all that energy.

You are idealistic, spiritual and high-minded. Your have a tendency to shout your views from a podium because you demand attention. You are a natural leader, knowing what to say to groups. You also have a good sense of humor and can be quite charming. A good conventional education will allow you to tailor you ideas and views so they can gain wider acceptance.

You have belief in the established order but see that many changes need to be instituted; and, you believe you are just the person to do just that. Most likely travel through out the world early in life puts you in touch with the spirit that is at your essence and end's up giving you a tremendous self confidence.

A weakness could be indignation and over reacting on impulse, to what you've heard or thought you've heard. You are probably jumping to an invalid conclusion. You can be demanding and emotionally erratic, sometimes even embarrassing yourself.

In love and relationships you may be kind of an idealistic-schizophrenic, sometimes erotic and sensuous or for some hidden reason, tend to be detached and impersonal. A good plan would be to take some relationship training early on.

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