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Sagittarius and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are a really adventurous person and most likely will travel the globe many times over through both short and long distance voyages. Travel is essential to your education and nature. You are energetic, intelligent, instinctive, intuitive and more sensitive than you seem on the outside.

Being called an Executive Type here does not necessarily mean you will be good in the conventional business world. You are more likely to do better in a profession where results are not rewarded on physical labor or struggle but commitment to purpose and ideals. Teaching in an institution of higher learning comes to mind as an example. You have a dynamic speaking ability and good communications skills; rewarding careers in those areas are also possible.

You give the impression of being powerful, strong and unbending but that's just what it is an impression. You will always compromise but want to see what you can get or could of gotten, first. Don't take yourself to seriously or you are liable to get into deep trouble psychologically.

You like to gamble with your money, body or emotions and should be able to reap considerable rewards by doing so. You are pretty lucky. You like athletics and physical exercise and should do them both often.

In love and relationships you are very attractive to the opposite sex but not necessarily true to a mate. You are restless and need variety and tend to be both opportunistic and very pragmatic. Alternative ways of mating are things you should look into.

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