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Sagittarius and Leo
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

Energy and creativity are first and second nature to your Life. Honesty, justice and keeping your word are most highly regarded traits in humans in your spiritual enlightened soul. You are also both emotionally and physically courageous, taking up causes others would never dare. You know that the world is a stage and can use this fact to be in the center of the action a lot; many times through-out life taking advantage of just where you happen to be in existence at that moment. Traveling is something you can never get enough of.

You tend to have a real serious side [WISDOM] and from early on are aware that you must make the most of every moment. This basic understanding of Life gives you an ability to lead others because you have dignity and most people admire or respect your judgments. You also have strong personal charisma which helps your leadership abilities.

Your intellect and emotions are very broad minded. You are imaginative, philosophical, and everything you do shows a creative ability. Once you set all that energy into motion on a project, it's usually readily accomplished in do time. Focusing your energy is a natural strong point and you instinctively know that willpower and intention is particularly important to getting the highest goals completed.

Most any career you set your mind to will become a successful profession, but doing something creative or in justice [real justice] should be the most personally rewarding to you. Money is not your primary goal in Life, being ok is.

In love and relationships you are honest, idealistic, loyal and very passionate. A good communicative and creative relationship is really important to you.

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