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Sagittarius and Libra
by Jim D'Amato

You are adventurous, energetic, intelligent, idealistic and independent with a big chunk of the world traveler in your soul. You can take off to some distant destination at the drop of a hat not caring much about what or who you have left behind. There is also a good bit of luck attached to this combination.

You are in many ways you are an ideal person, especially if your booking for sainthood and you may be. You are giving, warm, sincere, trusting and the high moraled philosopher who could become the spiritual leader of a large group. You like a pulpit to express your views from and do it so well, from a relatively early age.

The travel business is a natural as a career but materialism is really not for you, you are far too idealistic. The considerable money you make from your enterprises will flow like water into adventures, social projects or to needy friends. Check once in a while to see if the faith you have in a lot of people is really justified. It may not be.

You are romantic, social and crave companionship and you also need lots of affection, cuddling and love. You are a favorite with the opposite sex from early on, so that makes most of the previous, a foregone conclusion through-out your whole life. Monogamy may be difficult; consider an open committed relationship.

Although you are quite the playboy or playgirl in your youth, you will probably settle down into a rewarding family life after your late 20's. You really want [need] a good, sensitive, idealistic relationship and children to help balance the excesses of your younger years.

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