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Sagittarius and Pisces
by Jim D'Amato

This horoscope combination is usually the daydreamer who lives in their own secret little or not so secret little world. Some might think you a mystic because your insight into the universal truths is considerable. Travel is essential to finding your truth in Life; been there, done that. You could be the impractical philosopher who is totally uninterested in the material things of the world.

Your broad intellect has a profound intuitive and/or psychic sense to it. You are able to understand large universal ideas more easily than small details and routines. You have a strong religious or spiritual bent, expressing you beliefs at the drop of a hat and from the nearest podium.

You could easily be a missionary in a third world country or someone who crusades for the higher values of life, i.e., both thinking and feeling. Also art, culture, philosophy and spiritualism are promoted in your beliefs. You are impressionable and can be imposed upon by people who try to use your goodness and to take advantage of you.

In the business world you will probably be most comfortable where strong principles are a help and respected, like in the arts or as a professional, instead of business, management or politics.

In love and relationships you are romantic, sensitive and understanding. You are not one who is not bogged down by grudges, jealousy and spite. You have an exotic sexual side and need to look at unconventional relationships.

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