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Sagittarius and Sagittarius
by Jim D'Amato

You have the incredible mind of a religious philosopher who is able to combine a vast understanding of the very large with a complete knowledge of the very small. You see and are able to express things so that other people can comprehend the fact that; all the diverse parts of the Universe actually fit comfortably together into an infinite whole. Some might consider you a radical thinker, others a guru.

The presence of an exceedingly large amount of energy is both a personal strength and weakness. The considerable nervous component of your energy could lead to a health breakdown if you don't learn the art of relaxation from early in life. Mis-management of this energy will manifest in an early demise.

Morals, principles and high ideals are central to your beliefs and actions, as you are the consummate reformer. You don't understand why many people harm, hurt and are unkind to others so you strive to find the most utopian social structure that exists. Religious rituals fascinate you and this is likely to lead you into a career as a preacher. This same ability could allow you a position in the judiciary or as an orator. Organizing ideas, beliefs and people are a strong point.

Enlightenment is your real goal in Life. Travel is essential to your journey in seeking this enlightenment. The Asian cultures with their broad concepts will fascinate and influence you through-out life.

In love and personal relationships you are affectionate, loyal, sensitive and may be too temperamental which can lead to many emotional up and downs. Communal living or group marriages are possible for you.

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