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Sagittarius and Scorpio
by Jim D'Amato

From a fairly early on you are a precocious and demanding person. You probably know it all by 11 or 12 and leave home before most others, wanting to travel, see the world and test the waters. Worldliness is next to godliness; at the very least it gives you a wholistic view of Life. You live and let live, gaining considerable respect for that view point as you mature.

You are energetic, intuitive and philosophical. You could be almost a visionary about the future. You have a practical inventiveness that can synthesize knowledge from the past, bringing about new and important concepts or ideas. These characteristics lead you to success in a field that really grabs your interest. In a career path it is most important to follow your intuition, that will lead you to success.

Emotional and passionate [nervous sexual energy] about life, you understand the higher purposes intended by, and wholeness of the Universe and "Mother Nature". You have keen senses and enjoy good humor but could be moody, sometimes even depressive. Remember what you learned while traveling, don't take yourself to seriously.

Once you have found a way to control all that nervous sex energy, your life will begin to come together. The Puritanical values taught and embellished by the establishment and media are not for all to consume. You can live the way you envision, it's just a little unconventional but still it's OK. You must find a way to stay grounded in reality while maintaining the spiritual purpose of your vision.

You are passionate and sexual from an early age, usually experimenting thoroughly and wildly in your teens. Your higher spirit believes social events should be so "open" that they could be socially sexual, after all it's just people exchanging energy. You are loving, loyal and supportive to your mate but would prefer a more open martial arrangement and several partners.

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