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Sagittarius and Taurus
by Jim D'Amato

You are congenial, warm-hearted and very intuitive, having a relatively good grasp of reality and practical understanding of people, the world and the Universe. You are more often the ever perceptive observer than the active seeker of truth during your travels around the world. Traveling is in your blood.

Attaining a genuine humility, some worldliness and a sense of humor will keep you from becoming a holier than thou type who demands that those in the domain consent to your more fundamentalists point of view. Your considerable spirituality is fairly conventional in nature. Everybody has the right to their own spiritual beliefs; no matter how stupid they are in your opinion. You naturally would make a good spokes person for that belief system.

You do believe in unlimited personal rights for all even though your individual ideology might not let you do some of these more outrageous things personally.You voice conveys an empathy that many people are attracted to.

Music and rhythms are very important to you, so much so that being a musician or singer, in particular, might be a good career for you. If not, something in the artistic field will do you much better as a career than conventional jobs because creativity may be the only way you can express the emotions and feelings inside you that are demanding to be reckoned with.

You relate to all people based upon mutual understanding and respect. In love and relationships you usually make an excellent mate because you are passionate and very content in a long term marriage. And, When it comes to your home life you are a good confidant and mirror for mates and support your partners goals even if they are different from yours.

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