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Scorpio and Aquarius
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

This Astrological combination is unquestionably strong and usually breeds dynamic, independent, intense and inventive individuals. The native has tremendous charisma also a mind that organizes ideas and things in a manner that many other people might think are wrong or stupid. And, just happens to be correct and way ahead of it's time. You are a person who can create something from nothing. These leadership abilities should be trained in a formal manner.

You have deep emotions and a keen sense of how life's dramas affect people, using and learning from these instances helps in your rise to success. Your inventiveness should allow you to create original "something's" that bring you considerable wealth. You could be brilliant in business but instead of developing good underlings that support your success, you will probably surround yourself with yes-men. You need to have adulation and if you don't get it in daily course you will create it for yourself.

One major personality characteristics of this horoscope combination is a proneness to frustration which comes from your excessive intensity. You could also be accident prone. Actually the first probably begets the second. Learning to slow down the and focus your intense energy is recommended. Try meditation retreats.

You are high strung and very nervous. You are also a highly sexed person and have such a keen interest in the subject matter that you may end up studying the whole issue of sex generally, and human sexuality in particular. You understand the idea that humans are both monogamous and adulterous at the same time.

In love and romance you are affectionate, loving, passionate and maybe even jealous. This Astrology combination usually ends up in a family situation that is quite comfortable after a rather disorganized early life.

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