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Scorpio and Aries
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You are dynamic and energetic. You have high ambitions and goals for yourself and immediate family. You have keen senses and can usually read people well which makes you innovative and shrewd in business. You could easily be one of the captains of industry in practically any field, if you so choose. You have a curious and critical mind with interests in mainstream as well as unconventional ideas. What the occult can do to help you achieve your goals and succeed, fascinates you, i.e. metaphysics and eastern philosophies.

You have a charismatic personality, are a dynamic speaker and usually are popular with the opposite sex from an early age. You will find yourself in many leadership positions through-out life and make a good military or political leader.

You usually don't take easily to adversity or intervention in regard to your goals. Your life could be filled with several high dramas both physical and verbal. You do not shrink from an altercation when attacked and would have not problem being violent with the opposition when your family is threatened.

SCORPIO and ARIES being Mate signs means that this Astrology combination is sexually very, very active. A lot of sex is the only way to reduce the nervous tension in this native. You believe in making your own family in a distinctive way.

In love and relationships you are affectionate, emotional and passionate but not always that easy to live with. You have considerable ups and downs, and can be controlling, very demanding or resentful. Lighten-up.

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