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Scorpio and Cancer
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

You have incredible drive and that makes you very independent as a young person. You tend to mellow later in life, that early drive turning into a great social sense. You should be a very popular because you readily empathize with most folks. You have a good ability to manage people and resources but sometimes may think you are an almighty deity with infallible judgment. Wrong!!

You know your own worth, having learned it the hard way. You also have healthy respect for the establishment; so conventional business is probably your best career option. You will no doubt seek a top management position in a large corporation knowing that is a more secure choice for your family in the long run than going into business for yourself. Medicine could also be a good career if you are so inclined especially being a surgeon .

You have strong creative abilities in the arts as well as business. A hobby with some kind of artistic expression is very important to keeping balance in your life and the works you create in that hobby could become quite valuable later in life.

You are mostly comfortable staying at home with the family and letting the world beat a path to your door. Food is of primary importance to you and you may become a gourmet chef.

In love and relationships you are romantic and sensitive but can also be jealous and possessive. Children and family life are important. You expect your loves to meet your strict standards for relationships.

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