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Scorpio and Capricorn
by Jim D'Amato

Executive Type

This is a strong Astrological combination which usually begats individuals with dynamic personalities, ambition and public inspiration abilities . This native is one who usually achieves considerable success in life. You are strong and sensitive, instinctively being a strong leader and excellent roll model.

You are genuinely a fair minded person who is both intuitive and logical but someone who also has a strict conventional view point. You can achieve a good deal of success in any of the varied aspects of the established order. Bureaucrat, politician and teacher all fit the bill. There is a very strong possibility you are also interested in a form of medicine which has the need for surgery attached to it. This is probably your best career.

You are interested in taking the high moral road whenever possible, as you see most of societies ills as a reflection of the poor state of humanities ethics and morality. You are also able to use the results of other peoples high dramas to express your points of view about life and love.

You enjoy children and raising them. Your Family is very important and you will make most decisions in life which choose that lifestyle first and foremost. Sexuality is a very important aspect of life to you.

In love and relationships you are sensitive, honest, loyal and passionate also mostly monogamous. You expect the same in a partner. You should marry fairly early and have a good sized family.

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