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Scorpio and Gemini
by Jim D'Amato

This is a very interesting combination for a horoscope, as is the native who possesses it. This mixture does not bode well for long term monogamous relationships but it does give the individual a dynamic personality and several magnetic characteristics. This Zodiac combination is both a very social and a very sexual animal. Considerable popularity with the opposite sex is assured from early on.

You have an incredibly quick mind of superior intellect. You will need several projects in whatever area of life your participating, to keep you interested in any of them. Business seems very easy to you and it is. But it's boring for you, there's actually never enough action. Instead of spreading yourself too thin, learn to manage only 2 or 3 projects in any one facet of your life and learn to focus on them.

Socially you are very charming and charismatic. You are extremely perceptive and have many endearing personality characteristics like; being affectionate, caring, honest, sincere, supportive. You genuinely like people and especially the opposite sex.

Story telling or communicating information in a dramatic way is probably the best career for you. Communications is central to a career or job for you. A weakness may be that you are pretty non-materiality and have difficulty saving money.

You have a quite unique sexuality; letting that be OK and living with it, is necessary for functioning effectively in life. You are the born polygamist and if you can actually make it work it will be glorious. Because of your innate warmth and your diplomatic and social skills a number of partners could join you in a "group married with children" with everyone enjoying the arrangement.

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